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World Peace Festival is our contribution towards creating a beautiful and harmonious world. It is a momentous time when hundreds and thousands of people across the planet would meditate together to bring about a massive shift in human consciousness. The World Peace Festival would happen from Aug 9th-19th in the sacred precincts of Ekam.

On Aug 19th which would be the grand culmination of the festival, people from across the world will be gathering in PEACE POWER POINTS in massive numbers and connecting to the phenomenon of Ekam. Ekam would amplify the immense peace energies generated by the meditation of these multitudes of people and bring about an immense transformation in human collective consciousness. This would manifest as greater kindness, greater harmony and greater order in our world.


You could be an instrument of peace in a world that is torn apart by conflict and misery. A peaceful individual creates a peaceful world. O&O Academy offers you a huge opportunity of being a ‘Peacemaker’ by impacting the lives of people around you and contributing to the transformation of world consciousness. Every Peacemaker  has a possibility to create  a Peace Energy Point where a minimum of 49 people gather together to meditate for world peace.


Aug 9 to Aug 19 '2018

Individual consciousness and world consciousness are not separate. What happens to the world will affect the individual & what happens to the individual affects the world. Individual and the world are not separate in consciousness.

During the EKAM World Peace Festival – Ekam radiates infinite grace, blessing everyone who sets foot on Ekam and radiates cosmic energy for the peace in the world.

During the Ekam World Peace Festival, special Deekshas & Processes – called Dasha Shanti Siddhi will be held along with everyday Siddhis & Upasanas.

Dasha-Shanti Siddhis are special processes where each day is dedicated for a specific intention to bring forth peace in various facets of the world. For every intention taken, the holder will be blessed with a unique blessing for themselves.

Dasha Shanti Siddhis

August 9th
Peace Meditation: For ending of all wars in the world.
Blessing : The inner war & conflict in your consciousness will reduce.
August 10th
Peace Meditation: For Religious Intolerance in the world to cease.
Blessing: Your connection with the divine will become strong.
August 11th
Peace Meditation : For Domestic Violence to cease.
Blessing : Your family will be blessed with peace.
August 12th
Peace Meditation : For violence against Nature to cease.
Blessing : Your homes will be blessed with lot of positive energies flowing into them.
August 13th
Peace Meditation : For cruelty against animals to cease.
Blessing: You will be blessed with greater compassion.
August 14th
Peace Meditation: For violence against Women to cease.
Blessing: Women in your life will be blessed and be peaceful – it could be your mother, you, your aunt, your friend, your daughter…
August 15th
Peace Meditation: For violence against Children to cease.
Blessing: Your children and future generation will be blessed and become peaceful.
August 16th
Peace Meditation: For violence in the minds of young people to cease.
Blessing: The young people in your life (it could be even you who are young)- will flourish and have peace.
August 17th
Peace Meditation: For Racial Discrimination to cease.
Blessing: You will be blessed with greater respect and acceptance in the society.
August 18th
Peace Meditation: For the Economic Exploitation to cease.
Blessing: You will become prosperous.
August 19th
Culmination of Dasha Shanti Siddhi for world peace & collective evolution of humanity towards a peaceful future. The blessing is for your evolution to total Awakening or Mukti to be hastened.

Come & take part in these powerful processes contributing to the World Peace!


Let us now look at the timing when this will happen. It will happen everyday from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm Indian time. It’s a time when all the peacemakers across the world will connect to Ekam. It is specially being designed for the sunset time here. At Ekam itself, the celebration begins in the morning right before the sunrise. And the entire day, all the people who’ll be at Ekam will be immersing in the peace siddhi of that day and finally it’ll end past the sunset.


How will it be every day from Aug 9 to Aug 18?

Everyday we will awaken to compassion. Because compassion and peace are not separate. Everyday we will awaken to the state of compassion, that is necessary for our consciousness to bring peace in the world. For which there will be direct Deeksha that you will be receiving from Ekam, and you will transmit that peace deeksha to the world. All the faculties here will be meditating in Ekam at that time. And there will be seekers from all over the world and India. There are many young people who are coming who are willing to participate in this festival.

We will be sending you a shanti pata, which is a very ancient peace chant. We will be sending it to you with the meaning. As all the faculties sit in Ekam and chant this mantra, you can either chant the shanti pata or you can engage along with us and then you can say shanti, shanti, shanti after us.

Everyday, we will all collectively give Deeksha to the world for that particular aspect of violence to decline and for peace to prevail on earth. And then there will be a special time where you will receive the blessing for your loved ones and for your family. As you immerse in this state of peace and compassion, you will receive that special blessing from Ekam. By the end of these 10 days, you will be overflowing with a state of compassion. You will be experiencing beautiful state of peace. And in these 10 days, as many people as you give Deeksha. As many people as you connect and impact through your soul sync, the impact on their lives will be so much more. The peace they will experience will be so much more. This is for the 10 days. And this is only for the peacemakers.

Each day will be an awakening in your consciousness to that particular siddhi. Siddhi means a special blessing, a special attainment, a special awakening. That is what you are receiving as peacemakers.

Then on 19th, 11th day, which is the culmination day, the entire celebration will last for one and a half hour. This is only for the peace energy point holders. If you are a peace maker and not a peace energy point holder, then you should go to a peace energy point. Two or three peacemakers can come together to hold a peace energy point, along with all new people and people who received the peace blessings. Everybody can join. This is very important. We will send you a log in information, you can join. We will be sending to the peace energy point holders, the script of what you need to talk. You can own it and talk it.


The flow of the one and half hour session on Aug 19th lead by Ekam Peacemakers at Ekam Peace Energy Points:


  1. Begin by introducing yourself.
  2. Share a transformational journey you had in any of the O&O academy’s programs. It is this transformation in your own being that lead to sharing the peace blessing and contribute to the other.
  3. Share the experience you had over the last 10 days. The experience of peace you had in your own being and the many ways in which it percolated into various aspects of your life making your life rich. Through these various peace deekshas you received from Ekam has prepared your consciousness much more than you have ever imagined. If you have witnessed transformation in any aspect of your life as you went through this journey share how your state has impacted your external life and others too.
  4. After you have spoken all this, telecast will begin from India. First will be a video message from Krishnaji or Preethaji which is pre-recorded. And then we get to Ekam live where 1000s of people will be meditating in Ekam. That day Ekam will embody so much of divine grace, power and energy. Because when we connect to Ekam, you must know that you are connecting to a universal field, a tremendously powerful field of consciousness, of the divine, peace. That day you are not only connected to more than a million people who are connecting from that state of peace but you will also be connecting to the people meditating inside Ekam. And Krishnaji & Preethaji will also be joining us for a meditation. Sri Amma and Bhagavan will also be blessing us that day. Sri Amma Bhagavan will also be holding an intention of peace on that day. And then we will be connecting to the power of the golden orb. There will be a very sacred procedure that will happen which will all be telecasted for you. Your country faculty will have a separate discussion with the peace energy point holders and guide regarding the technicalities of translations. It will not be difficult.
  5. After the sacred 21 minutes, everyone at the peace energy points will receive the blessings, will receive a direct transmission from Ekam, will experience all the power from Ekam.
  6. In the end there will be another message, which is by Krishnaji and Preethaji for us. And then, you will continue the celebration.

That entire day Krishnaji and Preethaji will be immersed in this field for all the 3times, when the peace transmission is happening from Ekam, contributing to world peace. Every person who is at the peace energy point that day will experience a deep spiritual evolution. Even as they receive the peace blessing from Ekam directly that day, they evolve and they contribute to human consciousness – to the evolution of humankind.

  1. After the transmission is over from Ekam, you will have the concluding message from Krishnaji & Preethaji. You will also receive a very special gift that day from Krishnaji and Preethaji , a gift given by Krishnaji and Preethaji to the world. A gift that you can share with your friends and family. What it is, is a surprise. We won’t tell you now.
  2. At the end of it you will share the story of phenomenon of Deeksha. We will give you the script again and then you will also educate everyone about the power of collective deeksha and you will share a hands on deeksha with everyone.

At the end of the hands on deeksha they who have come to the peace energy point, they will sit and connect to one person whom they are comfortable with, with whom they will share their experience of peace of that day.


Know that every person who comes to the peace energy point on Aug 19th and connects to Ekam that day, will carry 4 things back –

  1. the fulfilment of having given the gift of peace to the world
  2. They would carry peace consciousness within themselves
  3. They will take a special gift that Krishnaji and Preethaji are giving them on that day. Suprise gift
  4. they would have found a spiritual friend and a community of authentic genuine spiritual seekers all who are persuing awakening .


Wishing you all the best. Let us immerse in an ocean of grace, in an ocean of peace and they will be so much we will be contributing to the world because of us violence will go down in the world. Because of us, war will go down in the world. Because of us division will reduce in the world. What greater contribution, what greater purpose to human life than this? Thank you all very much namaste



Ekam World Peacemaker is a global force of  people with a vision to create a new world. We believe only a transformed individual living in a new consciousness can connect with another and contribute to the well-being of the larger whole.


Be A Peacemaker!

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