Dear Ekam Peacemakers / Ekam Peace Energy Point Holders,

Namasthe & Warm Greetings from Ekam!

Being a Peace Maker / Peace Energy Point Holder means a sacred mission to heal the world that is crying for peace.

We are very happy to support you in this inner transformation towards becoming a heart leader.

Download Your Peacemakers Badge From Here:


We believe that when you awaken to a beautiful state of peace within your consciousness and meditate collectively – the Power of Phenomenon flows through you. You create a divine force-field. You become instruments of peace.

As a peacemaker, you would undergo a magical transformation in consciousness in our connection to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. To make this transformation possible for every peacemaker we offer the weekly online sessions with faculty from Ekam. Below you will find the next session available for you to join online from your home and draw special energies from Ekam to your being in this Awakening into Peace Consciousness. We will also train you to offer Oneness Blessings for Peace (Peace Deeksha) / Soul Sync for Peace in this training.

Looking forward to seeing you at Ekam World Peace Council every weekend starting from July 7th, 2019.

Until then you will receive weekly emails from us with wisdom and meditation content from the Founders, glimpses from last year world peace festival, Ekam Video episodes, so that you are prepared as an Ekam Peace Maker to impact the world towards greater peace starting from yourself, your family and the world at large.

You will find here the details to join every Sunday Peace Council calls starting from July 7th till Sep 8th –

We will be sending you the reminder mailer to join these Peace Council online sessions.

Wishing you a beautiful state and a beautiful life.