DAY 11


Millions will participate today, witnessing an amazing world event live from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Life on earth depends on our peaceful intentions. Let us sing them proudly today, as one.

We will seek our own personal embodiment of universal intelligence as we generate a powerful wave of peaceful energy that will be felt by billions. Today we seek blessing for our continued evolution.

As we ruminate on our oneness and our vast potential, we must also reflect on our personal moments of hatred, confronting, understanding and accepting how they have a radiating  negative effect. We will connect to the universal intelligence, becoming one being, one peace force that flows through every fiber of our world.

Begin live streaming now through Breathing Room as we meditate for the evolution of humankind toward a peaceful future.

The keystone of our 2nd Annual Ekam World Peace Festival, this powerful, global meditation seeks to uplift all of humanity toward a future without violence or exploitation, jealousy or greed, hatred or aggression, selfishness or any form of physical or emotional slavery. Together, millions will seek a higher consciousness to vibrate a positive vision of our collective future here on this beautiful planet, and explore Preethaji & Krishnaji’s Bestselling book The Four Sacred Secrets to explore conscious wealth creation, discovering love in partnered relationships, and finding peace within oneself.

SEPTEMBER 22, TIME: 12:30 PM/04:00 PM/10:00 PM IST.
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