Be a Force for Good


Note: If you are an Indian National and using only mobile (not email), To Register as Peacemaker / Peace Energy Point Holder Click here:

Our journey to become a peacemaker begins with ourselves. Are we living our lives in a state of peace – peace with ourselves, peace with our families, peace with the world of which we are a part?

As a Peacemaker, we would undergo a magical transformation in consciousness in our connection to ourselves, our relationships and the world around us. O&O Academy would make this transformation possible for every peacemaker by nurturing them through the weekly online sessions.

A peacemaker also grows in consciousness by offering peace blessings to as many people as he/she can, touching and transforming their lives.

Peace Energy Points are gatherings of minimum of 23 people or more that create powerful fields that can have a ripple effect, potentially propelling humanity into a beautiful state of peace. The peace energy points would be in resonance with the power of Ekam and the cumulative impact would result in participants experiencing transcendental states of consciousness.

Creating a Peace Energy Point around your home would be the greatest service you could render to the people and society that are a part of your life.

You could sign up as a peacemaker (and also a peace energy point holder if you have a space to host 23 people and create a peace energy point) below by filling up the form.

If you have already filled this form in the Ekam Peace Energy Point Holder Page, you are signed in. If not please go ahead and register yourself for this incredible opportunity of Becoming An Ekam Peacemaker.